If you want to learn French L’Autre Ecole was created for you !

 You have your own personal reasons for joining us and you will be sure to find the best method for you to improve your French or learn from scratch.

 Focusing on conversation, l’Autre Ecole offers individual classes as well as small group sessions to help you practice and progress.

 With the help of a dedicated instructor, you will improve quickly, working on all aspects of the language, with a program established to suit your individual requirements.

 L’Autre Ecole undertakes to give you confidence and make you familiar with the French language.

 Whatever type of tuition you choose, it will give you the means to learn quickly and enjoy speaking French – so don’t hesitate, ring up today and enquire!

 Call us on 06 83 31 22 76 – together we will find the ideal tuition arrangement FOR YOU!